Bath Bomb Enterprise

8th March 2017

Northumberland Youth Service have been working in partnership with Cleaswell Hill School running a lunch time ‘Drop-In’ for young people aged 13-19.

The young people attending the ‘Drop-In’ have signed up to the ‘£100 Challenge’.  This challenge, run by Jigsaw (a multi-agency group), provides funding of £100 to groups of young people to develop enterprise skills.

The young people of Cleaswell Hill School have decided that they would like to create a range of bath bombs. As part of this project, they will be visiting the Lush shop in Newcastle where we will have the opportunity to make their own bath bombs.  The group will be selling the bath bombs at the Teen Market in April 2017, an event organised by Ashington Town Council.

Support throughout this project will be provided by Youth Workers from NCC and school teaching staff. 

Proceeds from this enterprise project will be used to support the Hydro-therapy pool fund.