In It Together Parent/Carer Forum

25th February 2019
From In It Together:

Preparing for Adulthood from the earliest  years is the main theme for this years  conference it has been highlighted as an area of high importance by our members so we have invited Barry Jones to facilitate the day.

Barry is an independent consultant with over 20 years of leadership and operational experience in the public sector in children’s and adults services including SEND, Care Leavers, Children Looked After, Connexions, programme management, strategy and commissioning. Until last year Barry was the strategic lead for education and preparing for adulthood (PfA) in Leeds. Leeds was a national demonstration site for their work around preparing for adulthood, including: Education, Health and Care Plans; the local offer; and, strategic engagement of children, young people, parents and carers.

He is part of the national Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) team and is the North East and North West PfA regional coordinator. Barry is also part of the delivery team of the National SEND Leadership programme funded by the Department for Education( DfE).

Barry will be presenting about preparing for adulthood and young people with SEND getting a job! Barry will also talk about a recent review of over 80 Education, health and Care Plans (EHCPs) across Northumberland and seek your views about what is working well, not working and what would be even better if about how EHCPs can best support and enable young people as they prepare for adulthood.

These two events would be useful to everyone but especially relevant to those with children in year 6 and above. We ask that you limit your attendance to one event only. Please let us know if you are unable to attend once you have booked and we will be able to release your place to those on the waiting  list.
Alnwick Ruby Club on 19th March 2019 9.45am - 2.00pm

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Hexham Mart on 20th March 2019 9.45am - 2.00pm

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