Parent Partnerships and Communication update

22nd March 2018
In the autumn term we sent out a letter to gather responses and opinions from parents and carers. The aim is to improve both home-school communication and develop parental involvement in school life.
We received 79 responses back, which was excellent!
Over the past 3 years we have used eSchools, a school VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). The original idea of using a VLE was to promote home learning, make it more accessible to pupils and share learning with parents and carers. In addition to this it was (and still is in some cases) used to communicate by message between the teacher and home. We will no longer be approaching home learning through the use of the VLE
Results from the questions asked 
A large majority of responses indicated that our parents and carers are happy using their child's paper diary as a way of communicating with the teacher, as and when appropriate for them.
We asked the question, 'How do you prefer to communicate with your child's teacher?' 
34% responded with a tick in both the 'online' AND 'diaries' box. In these cases communication in the dairies will continue and take preference. If any parent/carer wishes to start online messaging instead, please get in contact with your child's form teacher and this can be set up quickly and easily.
What next?
  • Form teachers to contact those parents and carers whose single preference was for online/email communication, to set this up.
  • A parents partnership group has been established, with the 3rd meeting taking place next week. All welcome.
  • We will be looking at whether investing in a text messaging service could be of benefit to our parents and carers for diary dates and reminders.