Staff List


Mr Mike Jackson

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Karyn McMahon

 Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Julie Brown

School Business Leader

Mrs A Carruthers

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs S Oliver - Class 2 teacher & Phase 1 leader

Mr P Ford-Hutchinson - Class 6 teacher, Phase 2 leader & Maths Coordinator

Miss C Duffield - Class 9 teacher, Phase 3 leader & Additional Needs Coordinator (on maternity leave)

Mrs K Thompson - Class 7 teacher, Phase 3 leader (maternity cover)

Ms R Walton - Class 12 teacher, Phase 4 leader & eSafety Coordinator

Miss J Moffitt - Upper 2 teacher, Phase 5 leader

Miss E Steele - Upper 6 teacher, Phase 6 leader, English Coordinator, Careers Lead & DT for LAC


Mrs A Tolley - Class 1

Miss V Cowx - Class 4

Miss H Appleby - Class 5

Mrs H Moulton - Class 7

Miss L Singleton - Class 7 (maternity cover)

Miss M Robinson - Class 9

Miss S Wallace - Class 10

Miss A Ali - Class 11

Mrs K Hunter - Class 13

Miss L Caisley - Upper 1

Mr D Evans - Upper 3

Mrs C Calcutt - Upper 4

Mr A Jackson - Upper 5

Mr D Manners - Upper 6

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss T McHenry - Class 3

Mrs C Appleby - Class 8

Mrs C Davis - Upper 6

Ms G Bray - Upper 4

Mrs H McIntyre


Teaching Assistants

Miss B Barclay

Mrs N Beesley

Mrs A Bell

Miss M Benson

Mrs C Bolton

Miss A Brash

Mrs C Brown

Mrs J Brown

Miss L Brown

Miss L Burns

Miss M Carter

Mr B Collis

Mrs K Cowen

Mr T Cowx

Mrs R Critchley

Miss S Critchley

Mrs J Davidge

Miss L Davies

Miss L Davison

Mrs K Dilks

Mrs E Dimelow

Mrs G Eaton

Miss L Evans

Miss M Gates

Mrs L Gray

Miss K Hall

Mrs K Hall

Mrs L Henderson

Mr J Hogg

Mr R Hogg

Mrs G Horwood

Mr L Jackson

Miss E Jones

Mrs J Kalogerou

Miss J Kilpatrick

Teaching Assistants Cont.

Mrs G Lucas

Mrs S Lumley

Mrs M Mason

Mrs S Mavin

Mrs S Maxwell

Mrs K McKeith

Miss G McLeod

Miss L Mitchell

Mr B Mordey

Mr L Mordey

Miss S Neil

Mrs J Phillips

Mrs V Ramshaw

Mr T Rand

Mrs C Renwick

Mr S Riddell

Mr P Roberts

Miss E Robinson

Mrs E Robinson

Mrs S Rossin

Miss B Shotton

Mrs C Siney

Mrs L Skeen

Miss M Stephenson

Miss R Storey

Miss N Thompson

 Miss L Thornton

Mr A Welsh

Mr J Wheadon

Mrs S Wakenshaw

Mrs S Hurst - General Assistant

Behaviour Support Assistants

Mr J Carruthers

Mr A Thompson

External Agencies working in school

Gill Barker - Occupational Therapist (NHS)

Matt Dale - Occupational Therapist (NHS)

Gill Oliver - Physiotherapist (NHS)

Sarah Staffiere - Physiotherapist (NHS)

Rachael Howitt - Speech and Language Therapist (Metis Therapy)

Mo Cox - Speech and Language Therapist (NHS)

Sue Emery - Speech and Language Therapist (NHS)

Ben Oliver - (T4Y)

Gill Tidyman -  Mediation

James Peacock - Peripatetic Music Teacher


Mrs C Green - Learning Support Manager

Mrs Y Burns - School Manager

Mr J Tolley - IT/Site Manager

Miss L Collis - Senior Admin Assistant

Mrs F Gall - Admin Assistant

Mrs C Caw - Admin Assistant


Mrs T Morgan - Catering Unit Manager

Mrs K Hedley - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Walker - Assistant Cook

Site Staff

Mr T Thompson - Caretaker

Mr D Hurst - Non-supervisory Caretaker

Mrs M Barlow - Cleaner

Mrs A Coxon - Cleaner

Mrs L Scott - Cleaner